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Star Wars Alternate History: Jedi Master Vader

What if Darth Vader had survived his encounter with the Emperor at the Battle of Endor? What if, after realizing the error of his ways and re-embracing the light side of the force, Luke was able to get Vader safely off the second Death Star and down to Endor where he was immediately treated and kept alive by Rebel forces.

After much deliberation and persuading from Luke as to Vaders reformation, the Rebellion choses to accept Vader as an asset to the Rebel Alliance and the formation of the New Republic. Vaders Suit is repaired as is his relationship with his son and together they seek the reconstruction of the Jedi Order where Vader takes a leading role as Jedi Master Vader.

- This is fan art which I've created inspired by other similar works of Concept Art. Modifications were applied to an image of Darth Vader from Star Wars Battlefront from publisher EA. This artwork is not affiliated with EA, LucasArts, Disney, or anyone else for that matter.